Map of Disneyland

Disneyland scale model
Disneyland - Early Concept Scale Model credit: HarshLight some rights reserved

If you've never visited Disneyland in Anaheim before, you will definitely need a map. Even if you have, you'll probably still need one. The park is large and navigation can be a bit confusing. And since no one wants to spend their precious leisure time experiencing the frustration of walking in circles and backtracking, I've included a map for you below.

A map like this can be especially useful if you only have one day to see the Magic Kingdom. I've noted all the distinct "lands" of the park, as well as the attractions that are most likely to generate long wait times. To shorten your own wait times, plan to see these attractions either: first thing in the morning, right before closing, or during major parades and shows.

Disneyland map

Map Legend